ASME B107.400 (2008)

Striking Tools

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Annotation and contents

The purpose of B107.400 is to define essential performance and safety requirements specifically applicable to the various striking tools covered herein. It specifies test methods to evaluate performance related to the defined requirements and safety, and indicates limitations of safe use. This standard is a combination of: B107.41 Nail Hammers, B107.42 Hatchets and Axes, B107.53 Ball Peen Hammers, B107.54 Heavy Striking Tools, B107.56 Body Repair Tools, B107.57 Bricklayers Hammers & Prospecting Picks, B107.58 Riveting, Scaling, and Tinner's Setting Hammers. In addition to the consolidation of individual struck tools into this standard, principal changes are the uniform inclusion of performance requirements and test methods that evaluate performance and safety, as well as uniform format for sections on definitions, references, performance requirements, tests, and safety requirements and limitation of use.

Table of Contents