ASME B107.600 (2008)

Screwdrivers (Incorporation of ASME B107.15, B107.26, B107.30, and B107.31)

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Annotation and contents

This Standard covers straight handle-type screwdrivers of flat tip, PHILLIPS® and POZIDRIV® designs intended for manual operation in driving or removing screws with slotted and PHILLIPS® or POZIDRIV®  recesses. It also covers hexagonal shank flat tip and PHILLIPS® (PH)[1] and POZIDRIV® (PZ) design screwdriver bits intended for manual (non-power) operation in driving or removing screws with slotted heads and screws with PHILLIPS or POZIDRIV recesses.  Additionally, it specifies two types of penetration gaging of Phillips (PH) and Pozidriv (PZ) screwdrivers and supplements the ASME blade and bit standards. These screwdrivers are of the types normally used by cabinetmakers, carpenters, sheet metal workers, production workers, mechanics, etc. The intention is to specify performance rather than design detail. Inclusion of dimensional data in the Standard does not imply that all of the products described herein are stock production sizes. Consumers are requested to consult with manufacturers concerning lists of stock production sizes. Using a screwdriver as a pry bar or striking it with a hammer are clearly misuses of the tool, and nothing in this Standard shall be interpreted as condoning any tool misuse. Further information about proper use of screwdrivers is contained in the Guide to Hand Tools-Selection, Safety Tips, Proper Use and Care.

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