ASME B133.16 (2000)

Procurement Standard For Gas Turbine Marine Applications

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Annotation and contents

This standard is no longer an American National Standard or an ASME-approved standard as of November 29, 2005. It is available for historical reference only.

This procurement Standard provides guidance and criteria for gas turbine systems used in marine applications. It supplements the general gas turbine procurement standards presented in ASME's B133 series. In utilizing this procurement standard, the user should ensure that only those requirements considered necessary for his/her application are utilized. This is a general document and its intent is to cover most marine applications. Therefore, there is an inclusion of data for most varied applications, which may not be applicable to a specific application. Marine applications are defined as gas turbines serving as prime movers for:

(1) propulsion,

(2) electric power generation,

(3) gas transmission or compression,

(4) cargo pumps, and

(5) water flood pumps.

Emphasis should be made for machinery to be classed by International Maritime Organization (IMO) codes in the following areas of service: (1) emergency duty, (2) essential service, (3) nonessential service, (4) process service, and (5) above or below decks.