ASME B16.44 (2002)

Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for use in Above Ground Piping Systems up to 5 psi

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Annotation and contents

This Standard applies to new valve construction and covers quarter-turn manually operated metallic valves in sizes NPS 1/2-2 which are intended for indoor installation as gas shutoff valves when installed in indoor gas piping between a gas meter outlet & the inlet connection to a gas appliance. The valves covered by this Standard are limited to application temperatures between 32 F and 125 F at pressures not to exceed 5 psig. This Standard does not apply to manually operated gas valves which are an integral part of a gas appliance. Manually operated gas valves intended for application to a particular appliance are covered in the American National Standard for Manually Operated Gas Valves for Appliances, Appliance Connector Valves, and Hose End Valves, ANSI Z21.15.