ASME B18.8.100M (2000)

Spring Pins: Coiled Type, Spring Pins: Slotted, Machine Dowel Pins: Hardened Ground, and Grooved Pins (Metric)

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Annotation and contents

This Standard covers the dimensional and general data for metric series coiled spring pins, slotted spring pins, hardened ground pins (1.5-25 mm), and grooved pins recognized as American National Standard, which are widely used in general industrial applications.  Slotted spring pins have straight cylindrical sides with both ends chamfered and are formed with a single wall and a slot to accommodate radial compression.  Grooved pins have three grooves, equally spaced about their circumference, impressed longitudinally into their exterior surface, with nominal diameters ranging from 1.5-12 mm.  The inclusion of dimensional data in this Standard is not intended to imply that all of the products described are stock production sizes. Consumers should consult with suppliers concerning the availability of the product. 

B18.8.100M-2000 is a consolidation and update of B18.8.3M, Spring Pins – Coiled Type, B18.8.4M, Spring Pins – Slotted, B18.8.5M, Machine Dowel Pins - Hardened Ground and B18.8.9M, Grooved Pins.