ASME B29.21 (2013)

700 Class Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets for Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

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Annotation and contents

This Standard contains information on 700 Class cast iron, welded steel, stainless steel fabricated, and nonmetallic (plastic) chains, attachments and sprockets for water and sewage treatment plants. There are also Tables for (a) General chain dimensions, Ultimate strengths, Strand length, and Measuring load for checking chain length; minimum and maximum controlling dimensions for interchangeable chain links; (b) Chain clearance dimensions; (c) A42, F2, F22-6, F22-8, K2 and M1 attachments; (d) Pressure angle, Pitch diameter, and Clearance circle; (e) Maximum eccentricity and Face Run-out at root bottom diameter; and (f) Flange diameters for curved sidebar type chain.

Table of Contents