ASME B29.22 (2001)

Drop Forged Rivetless Chains, Sprocket Teeth Drive Chain/Drive Dogs

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Annotation and contents

This Standard contains information on Drop-forged Rivetless Chains, Sprocket Teeth, Drive Chain/Drive Dogs.  Drop-forged rivetless chains are chains made from drop-forged steel parts that are heat treated and are proportioned for high strength and comparative light weight.  Its simple design permits assembly or dismantling by hand and this chain is available in three general types as illustrated and described. The main topics are (a) Minimum ultimate tensile strength; (b) Measuring load; (c) Strand length tolerance; (d) Dimensions for chain links; (e) Finish; (f) Numbering system; (g) Chain assembly; (h) Sprockets; (i) Drive and (j) Drive dogs. Tables are provided for (a) Maximum and minimum strand tolerances; (b) Regular , X-type and modified X-type drop-forged rivetless chains; (c) Sprockets: Maximum eccentricity and Face runout at root diameter; (d) Sprocket factors; (e) Sprocket tooth form.