ASME B30.7 (2006)

Base-Mounted Drum Hoists

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Annotation and contents

B30.7applies to base-mounted drum hoists arranged for mounting on a foundation or other supporting structure for lifting or lowering loads, to derrick swingers, and to any variations that retain the same fundamental characteristics. The scope includes hoists that are powered by internal combustion engines, electric motors, compressed air, or hydraulics, and which utilize drums and rope. This Volume does not apply to overhead hoists, car pullers, barge pullers, truck body hoists, or other hoists or winches used exclusively in horizontal pulling applications.

Provisions of this Volume do not encompass all of the safety precautions and safeguards applicable when hoist loads consist wholly, or in part, of personnel. For personnel handling hoists refer to ANSI A10.4. When base mounted drum hoists are used as an integral part of other lifting equipment, this Standard may not apply.