ASME B5.8 (2001)

Chuck and Chuck Jaws

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Annotation and contents

This Standard applies to chucks for use on engine lathes, tool room lathes, turret lathes, and automatic lathes and fit American Standard Spindle Noses of ANSI-B5.9-1967. They may be used on other applications for which they are suitable (see pages 4 and 5 of ANSI-B5.9-1967). It is within the scope of this Standard to establish: (a) duty classes; (b) standard chuck diameters; (c) top jaw interchangeability; (d) mounting interchangeability (USA-Standard Spindle Noses); (e) draw-bar interchangeability for power chucks; (f) identification code for body, master jaws, top jaws dimensions, where interchangeability of chucks may be involved; and (g) nomenclature.