ASME B89.4.10360.2 (2008)

Acceptance Test and Reverification Test for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) Part 2: CMMs Used for Measuring Linear Dimensions (Technical Report)

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Annotation and contents

This Technical Report establishes requirements and methods for specifying and testing the performance of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) having three linear axes perpendicular to each other and up to one rotary axis positioned arbitrarily with respect to these linear axes. In addition to clarifying the performance evaluation of CMMs, this Technical Report seeks to facilitate performance comparisons among machines by unifying terminology, general machine classification, and the treatment of environmental effects.  This is a redesignation and update of B89.4.1-1997. It was created to harmonize the B89.4.1 standard with ISO 10360.2 by incorporating the entire 10360.2 document into it and adding additional requirements that can be found in text boxes throughout the technical report.

Table of Contents

Intended for design, drafting, mechanical, manufacturing, production, tool/gage, quality, process and project engineers, CAD/CAM/CAE specialists, inspectors and educators across a broad range of global manufacturing. Special emphasis on aerospace, automotive, medical device, precision instrumentation and related industries.

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