ASME B94.37M (1979)

Roller Turner Type Cutting Tools Single Point

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Annotation and contents

This Standard covers the dimensional envelope for various styles of single-point roller-turner tools covering brazed, solid, or indexable insert types. The numbers shown are designated brazed tools, but the envelope covers all style tools-for designation of solid or indexable insert styles see individual tool manufacturers' catalogs. The values stated in U.S. customary units are to be regarded as the standard. motions. In the subsequent sections two systems of reference planes are defined with the aid of which so-called "too angles" and "working angles" are defined. One system of reference planes is the "tool-in-hand system"; this is used to define the geometry of the tool so that it can be manufactured and measured. The other system of reference planes, "the too-in-use system", is required to define the effective geometry of the tool when it is actually performing a cutting operation.