ASME B94.6 (1984)


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Annotation and contents

This Standard covers knurling tools with standardized diametral pitches and includes dimensional relations with stock in the production of straight, diagonal, and diamond knurling on cylindrical surfaces having teeth of uniform pitch parallel to the axis of the cylinder or at a helix angle not exceeding 45 deg. with axis of work. Such knurling is made by displacement of the material on the surface when rotated under pressure against a knurling tool. These tools and recommendations are equally applicable to general purpose and precision knurling. In brief, the advantage of this method is the provision by which good tracking (the ability of teeth to mesh as the tool penetrates the work blank in successive revolutions) is obtained by tools designed on the basis of diametral pitch instead of tpi (teeth per inch) when used with recommended work blank diameters that are multiples of 1/64 or 1/32in., depending upon the pitch selected. This should improve the uniformity and appearance of knurling, eliminate the costly trial and error methods, reduce the failure of knurling tools and production of defective work, as well as decrease the number of tools required.