ASME BTH-1 (2011)

Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

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Annotation and contents

ASME has been defining crane safety since 1916.

BTH-1 provides minimum structural and mechanical design and electrical component selection criteria for ASME B30.20 below-the-hook lifting devices.  The provisions in this Standard apply to the design or modification of below-the-hook lifting devices.  Compliance with requirements and criteria that may be unique to specialized industries and environments is outside of the scope of this Standard.  Lifting devices designed to this Standard shall comply with ASME B30.20, Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.  ASME B30.20 includes provisions that apply to the marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below-the-hook lifting devices. 

ASME BTH-1 addresses only design requirements.  As such, this Standard should be used in conjunction with ASME B30.20, which addresses safety requirements.  ASME BTH-1 does not replace ASME B30.20.  The design criteria set forth are minimum requirements that may be increased at the discretion of the lifting device manufacturer or a qualified person.

ASME BTH-1 and ASME B30.20 are to be used in conjunction with equipment described in other volumes of the ASME B30 series of safety standards.

Careful application of these B30 standards will help users to comply with pertinent regulations within their jurisdictions, while achieving the operational and safety benefits to be gained from the many industry best-practices detailed in these volumes.

Intended for manufacturers, owners, employers, users and others concerned with the specification, buying, maintenance, training and safe use of below-the-hook lifting devices with B30 equipment, plus all potential governing entities.

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