ASME PTC 70 (2009)

Ramp Rates

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Annotation and contents

This code provides the procedures, direction, and guidance for the accurate determination, via testing, of the maximum repeatable load change ramp rate, startup load change rate or shutdown load change rate of a power plant. It is applicable to all electrical generating facilities, independent of fuel source or prime movers. The load change rate is distinguished by starting from one operating point at steady state condition and transitioning to another. Startup commences at a shutdown condition, or intermediary startup condition, and proceeds to a defined running condition. Shutdown begins at a running condition and proceeds to a shutdown condition or intermediary shutdown condition. Measurements of actual net generation as a function of time are the primary test parameters. Additional data and information will be collected as part of this analysis to determine the long and short term effects of various ramp rates on the equipment and systems in the power plant of interest.  This information includes and is not limited to design specifications and actual operating conditions.

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